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UPDATE: may 30th, 2011 — I’m well aware that this list needs updating. I’ll do my best to sort this as soon as I can. In the mean-time, check the front page and the next older pages to see the other posts. Thanks.

I realized that my WordPress blog is great, but it’s not very good at keeping track of my home-page blog posts (it lumps them in categories by date, but that’s not much good when you want a quick view of what’s there to see). So here’s an archive, with the oldest first. Hopefully it should help with finding stuff as and when readers need to.

April 17th 2011: Explanation — why I disappeared from this blog for quite some time…

April 20th 2011: Times gone by. A post about the Isle of Wight, friendship and a really friendly black dog!

April 21st 2011: The Loved Ones. A post about the horror film. Nothing in-depth, but it should give you some idea of what it’s all about.

April 21st 2011: A post about why I hate 3D and just wish it would go away…

April 22nd 2011: Penguin trousers and stunning weather. It’s about getting out of the house, and the original Batman film which, if you haven’t, you really should see.

April 23rd 2011: Eat me now. Have you ever fancied a really dirty burger?

April 24th 2011: Woo! Go here to find a link to an article about the novel writing process.

April 24th 2011: Revenge of the asshole mouth. A post about clay sculpture and doing something creative (and a bit freakish, it has to be said…)

April 26th 2011: Don’t mess with this bear. It’s about…a bear you don’t wanna mess with.

April 26th 2011: Dyscalculia, Wayne Rooney, and galloping like a horse…

April 28th 2011: …It’s baby time! It’s about me holding a baby and being terrified but getting through it.

April 28th 2011: 3 true observations about the Royal Couple. Self explanatory, really.

April 29th 2011: Wedding story. For some reason this post about Prince William, or whatever he’s now called, is quite popular…

April 29th 2011: the world was going crazy about the Royal Wedding, so I thought I may as well chip in too with this post about choir singers.

April 30th 2011: BBQs and etcha-sketch. I mean Magna-doodle…oh, and that Friday song.

May 1st 2011: Meeting Mungo. Mungo from Mill Road Cambridge Oxfam. Why not meet him? He’s well funky!

May 2nd 2011: Osama Bin Laden. Remember him? A post about evidence and why we shouldn’t trust it.

May 3rd 2011: Need a laugh at my expense? Look no further than this blog post.

May 4th 2011: Long term obsession: The Beach by Alex Garland and why I love it.

May 5th 2011: 11ways to help your writing.

May 5th 2011: I watched Thor the movie and really wish I hadn’t.

May 6th 2011: LOST! Lost animal poster art from myself.  Stupid and fun, sometimes that’s all I need.

May 6th 2011: The good-old days...a post about BMX, with a link to an old BMX video section from me way back in the day when my body actually worked.

May 8th 2011: Forget the elections, this is much more interesting. An interview with me, by me, about my upcoming novel, The Number 3 Mystery Book.

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