wGrandad Stubbings. COMMISSION.

Grandad Stubbings. He has no idea he's on "The Internet" Coincidentally, this painting shows exactly what his face would do if he suddenly found out. Congratulations Granddad, you're famous!

FIRST WARNING OF SHOCK-HORROR: from here on it’s all about me. Me-me-me, almost as if I’m going out of fashion. Please don’t think I’m the vainest person ever. I’m really not (I know that that’s something vain people tend to say just before looking in the mirror, but genuinely I’m not, ask anyone who knows me). This is just a place I can upload photos to as a kind of safety measure in case my computer dies and I lose everything.

Which incidentally happened two days ago. Now who’s laughing?


Watercolour self portrait: 2006. Oh dear, seeing this again I am mesmerized by how I don't seem to have any expression at all. It's miraculous, isn't it? Also, notice how my right eye is a bit dodgy? I think I may have been drinking wine while painting this...


Marker-pen self portrait: 2008 I'm only this angry half the time.

SECOND WARNING: It’s not over yet, sorry. If you hate the sight of my face, or are just a bit bored with it — understandable, I definitely am — then you should probably get off this page as soon as possible. I warned you…

Kitchen self-portrait from mirror, watercolour, 2008.

Kitchen self-portrait from mirror, watercolour, 2008. I spent about 70 hours sitting in my kitchen painting this from a mirror, the good old old-fashioned way. Would I do it again? No, I bloody wouldn't. The good old old-fashioned way is a pain in the arse.

10 comments on “Portraits

  1. Nando says:

    Now text became face 🙂
    Nice work!
    I like the color schemes.
    Can’t wait for the free drink.


  2. raphael says:

    i love your art is something special do you have exibition in London? would love to c ur art thanks


  3. Jihan Cazares says:



  4. Lou says:

    Be warned Grandad Stubbings is learning the internet!! I’ve never seen him in that hat before but I like it very much, and the portrait. Great pix!


    • chrispink says:

      Thanks for that Lou! Most kind. No, you haven’t seen Granddad Stubbings in that hat because he only wore it once and was caught unawares (as I’m sure you can tell). If he ever finds this blog I may be in trouble…thanks for dropping by, and hope your house is coming on now and you are doing OK what with the job and all!
      Give my regards to everyone,


  5. chrispink says:

    Cheers Mik. Been ages since I did any painting…but feeling like sometime soon it may be time to get back to it.


  6. hobojimmy says:

    Wow, dude.
    You surprise me.
    Good work.


    • chrispink says:

      It’s funny Jimmy, I didn’t used to get many comments at all, but since Twitter it’s changed; I am liking the comments, and glad to hear people don’t feel they’re wasting their time on my blog.



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