Penguin trousers & stunning weather

I’d been laid up having an M.E. episode for 5 days up until this morning, so when I realized at around 10am that I had some power in my legs, I went out into the world. It was a great day.

Actually I lied: I didn’t go out into the world straight away because the original Batman film (1966) was on and I just couldn’t tear myself away from watching it. If you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean. The film starts off with Batman and Robin in the Batcopter, with Robin behind the controls trying to lower Batman down onto a boat loaded with criminals. Then, somehow, a great white shark jumps up and manages to grab hold of Batman’s leg, and a second later the shark explodes as Batman struggles free with the help of Robin, who has left the cockpit but somehow the Batcopter is still flying perfectly (and it later transpires that the boat was a hologram, I shit you not!). The rest of the film is just very bizarre, with Robin saying “holy spectacular!” (when seeing something spectacular), and all kinds of variations on the same theme which start to get really irritating after a while. You should still watch it though. There’s a bit at the end where Batman has to get rid of a bomb and he spends about 10 minutes running around with it, unable to get rid of it because everywhere he looks there’s a gang of ducks, or a marching band, or someone on a ladder.

But to get back to the point now:

I went out into the world (strangely, in an odd coincidence, the only clean trousers I seemed to have knocking about on this day were some pin-striped ones that looked just like ones The Penguin from Batman fame might wear on a nice Summer’s day). OK, not anywhere exciting, just Cambridge town, but still, I felt like an explorer. It was also good to communicate with someone who wasn’t my dog. No offense to the bitch, she’s amazing — and fast, she’s a greyhound don’t you know! — but there’s nothing like a good bit of human interaction sometimes, especially when it’s sunny.


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