If you’re someone who has visited my blog in the past year or two and found themselves frustrated that this Chris Pink bloke hasn’t added any new content, I’m sorry. It was always my intention to keep going with this blog, and if things had happened differently then I’m sure I would have. But that’s life. So if you’re here again — which you are, you must be! — then thanks for giving my blog another chance.

You will notice, or you might notice, that the look of this blog has changed — as has the title. There’s a specific reason for that: ever since late 2006 I’ve been very ill, on and off, and even though I have made great progress with coming to terms with what happened, it’s still hard for me to look back at who I am and what I used to do. You’ll understand what I am talking about in more detail in the coming weeks,  I hope, but suffice to say it’s taken me a lot of energy and time to get back to a place where I feel like myself again.

Another thing I should say is that I am still an artist at heart — even if nothing’s been posted up. It’s just that over time my focus has changed from painting and drawing to writing, which I now do full-time as a self-employed freelance writer. I’d be lying if I said this came about as a result of what happened to me in terms of my ill health — although I would say that being sick has accelarated this change. In short, it made me see what I wanted to do, and realize that now is the time to do it.

Because if not now, when?

One last thing: don’t be sad for me about this change in focus. It’s not something I am sad about. That may sound strange considering at one point all I did was paint, and now I don’t do it half as often, but it isn’t strange to me. First and foremost I consider myself a creative, and right now that means I am putting all my time and energy into the novels I have been writing over the course of the last 2 years.

I’m not sad about that. I feel happy with what I’ve done, and feel like now, for the first time in a long time, I can look towards a bold new future — one where I’m in control of where I am headed.

Let’s see where we go from here, shall we?

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