The good-old-days: me, but in vintage BMX video style!

Hang on a minute now…this is most certainly not me riding my BMX. You do NOT go bigger than Matt Hoffman, if you were wondering. End of discussion my friend!

Regular readers of this blog will know that just the other day I said I was exceedingly busy and wouldn’t be blogging much for a few days…and then look what we have here, the second or third post in 1 day!

Well, truth is I am still exceedingly busy, but everyone needs a break, and while distracting myself from my mega to-do list, I came across an old section of mine from the BMX video Day off coppers.

Strange seeing me with short hair…

Thanks Jay, for the video, and Jay and all my friends in Bury St Edmunds for some amazing times…Although I can’t ride BMX any more, I’ll never forget those days, and I’d do it all over again, even with the dislocated shoulders…


4 comments on “The good-old-days: me, but in vintage BMX video style!

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    Lol, did I honestly just watch you do a wee??!


  2. chrispink says:

    Well…if you look closely, I think you’ll find I watched you too! (Not you doing a wee I mean, just turning around while weeing.)
    Hope you’re well Yasmin 🙂


  3. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    Oh you smartarse born on a cusp! I did not see that coming lol! Now I feel like a pervo voyeur, ick. I can tell you a story about a tranny in Bristol but that’s not a tale that belongs on your lovely blog : )

    You are proper amazing on a bike by the way. Mine has a swirly psychedelic bell from Octopus.


  4. chrispink says:

    What can I say, it comes with the learning difficulties 🙂 I’m sorry you feel like a pervo!
    Cpink is always welcome to tranny tales. That would make a good page actually, come to think about it.

    Thanks for the compliment! That video is actually very old and was shot a couple of years before I did my best stuff. I’m jealous of your bell, sounds like a good one!


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