The Undateables: blog post archive

Over the years I’ve reviewed every episode of Channel 4s The Undateables. Here are the links to all of them, along with some related posts:

Is it really so surprising that disabled/disadvantaged people are human beings just like everyone else?

Will you be watching The Undateables tomorrow night? (9pm, Channel 4, UK) Yes, of course you bloody will

Series 1

The Undateables, Channel 4, Episode 1: awkard, interesting, thought-provoking TV

7 reasons why The Undateables episode 2 (9pm, April 10th 2012, Channel 4) will be essential viewing

The Undateables Episode 2: addicted to poetry, first impressions count and being very brave

Challenging Attitudes: The Undateables Episode 3 (Channel 4, Tue 17th April 2012, 9pm)

The Undateables Episode 3: A Solid End To An Enlightening Series

The Undateables: Series 1 Revisited – Carolyne, Luke, Shaine

Lady Gaga Vs The Undateables: what’s your opinion?

Series 2

The Undateables, Series 2, Episode 1: Disability Awareness Comes Home Again

The Undateables, Series 2, Episode 2: If they can do it, so can you

The Undateables – Series 2, Episode 3: Disability Is Never Dull

Heather, Gareth, Matthew: Series 2 Of The Undateables Concludes With Episode Number 4

Series 3

Because it’s better than Splash! and Take Me Out put together: The Undateables – Series 3, Episode 1

The Undateables, Series 3, Episode 2: Thundercats, Lucky Pants & JLS

Catching up with The Undateables: charm, guts and Ray’s amazing face

The Undateables: speed dating, wonky donkeys and Pippa Middleton’s curvaceous bottom

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