Need a laugh? What better than a laugh at my expense?

What’s this blurry photo of a drawing of (a strangely serious looking) Gandhi’s face on a free-range egg got to do with anything? Well I’m not going to tell you here, am I? No, you’re going to have to click the link to find out so go on, do it. I’m waiting.

I’ve had a stonker of a headache all day. “What can I do to amuse myself if this ever stops?” I thought. So, when the moment finally came about an hour ago and I could write without feeling like my head was going to split in two, I went for it big-time and wrote a whole entire article. It’s called 8 stupid things I’ve done and you can read it over at Newsgrape by clicking here.

It’s unlikely I’ll post much this week, as I’ve got all kinds of stuff to catch up on. Hope you’re all well, and take it easy in the Sun!




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