Choir singers always look suprised, don’t they?

I’ve just remembered that my Gumtree ad, which has been directing people to my blog for the past 2 days, begins with “Not about The Royal Wedding…”

As you can see that’s a lie: I’ve already written 2 posts about The Royal Wedding, and this is the third.  Sorry about that, people who came here to seek solace from all-encompassing Royal Wedding mood, but that’s the way it goes. I hope you’ll let me off, this being such a unique event in the history of our country.

I was wrong about choir boys always looking surprised. I was watching closely and I saw one who looked tired from…whatever it is choir boys get up to, one who was looking down like he’d just realized he’d trodden in something nasty, and one who just looked a bit bored.

But the ceremony…William and Kate up there doing their Wedding Thing. It was beautiful, wasn’t it? Kate looked just stunning; her nervous smile, that dress. I enjoyed it, and this is coming from someone who often questions the point of the Royal Family.

Most of all I enjoyed it because they looked like a real couple. Up there, for just a few seconds, there was no status or hierarchy or politics. It was just two people smiling, in love, looking at each other.


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