Drawings & Charcoals

Welcome to the ‘Drawings / Charcoals’ page. These are all a few years old and I’m slightly embarrassed by some of them. But still, it’s good sometimes to remind yourself how imperfect you are, right?

Brendan, from the band 'Fugazi'. Charcoal. COMMISIONED PIECE.

Brendan, from the band Fugazi. Black and white watercolour

Frank-zappa, charcoal. NOT FOR SALE.

Frank-zappa, charcoal. What a moustache!

The band 'Fugazi'. NOT FOR SALE.

The band Fugazi, again. Charcoal. If you've never used charcoal then please try it, because it's great.

Jimi-hendrix-guitar. NOT FOR SALE.


John Lennon, charcoal. IN COLLECTION.

John Lennon, charcoal. Looking pensive and that. Or maybe just bored.

Madoona, charcoal. IN COLLECTION.

Madoona, charcoal. I don't even like Madonna, or Madoona for that matter.

Hendrix. Charcoal. IN COLLECTION.

Hendrix. Charcoal. IN COLLECTION. If his arms look small to you that's probably because they are. Didn't you know Hendrix had short arms? You do now.

Paul Mcartney. Charcoal. IN COLLECTION.

Paul Mcartney. Charcoal. He's not supposed to look gormless, that's just my artistic license.

20 comments on “Drawings & Charcoals

  1. Most excellent work! Artist..Darryl Nantais


  2. stace says:

    awesome its not fair that one person has so much talent ……..x


    • chrispink says:

      Thanks Stace mate 🙂 But come on now, you have a fine woman, a wonderful beard and a great way about you! I’d say all those things are talents my friend 🙂


  3. Mik says:

    Top banana Chris:)


  4. will.x says:

    Love it!!!


  5. chrispink says:

    Thanking you Mik 🙂


  6. Karen says:

    Really nice work 🙂


  7. miksmith says:

    Nice work Chris! You are a bit of a polymath on the quiet, aren’t you? 🙂


    • chrispink says:

      Cheers Mik. Um…I may be able to do a few things but I once got lost inside a large alternative-looking bathroom in Germany…


  8. miksmith says:

    Think I agree with Karen too; the John Lennon has to be my favourite. 🙂


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