All. Over. The. World

Up until recently, I had very little idea of who was reading my blog and where they were located in the world; the stats only showed basic site visits, and sometimes, if the figures were low, it was hard to imagine that anyone other than a few close friends were bothering. Then, just the other day, WordPress unveiled a fascinating, brand-new feature on their site — one which all bloggers using the system could take advatage of. That system was Views by Country, and from where I’m sitting, it’s been an amazing success and a piece of ingenious thinking.

I should say that I would continue to post my musings here even if nobody visited this blog — visitors isn’t necessarily what it’s about (although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about people dropping by. It does feel good to know that people take interest in the work, and find something here that’s worth spending precious time on).

And here’s what my Views by Country stats reveal: according to the figures, aside from my UK visitors, people in Indonesia, Macedonia, Algeria and the United States like to see what’s here (or accidentally stumble by — but to be honest, either way I win). Equally, those in India, Norway, Sweden, Philippines, Australia, Pakistan, and the Czech Republic come by frequently. Oh, and not to forget the UAE and those in Ghana, too.

Which just makes me nervous, actually, because now, instead of just worrying about offending people in the UK, I have to concern myself with not offending people in many other countries as well…

But anyway, thank you, dear international and european readers. Good of you to show your support. Thank you The World; thank you WordPress!