Links to my online writing / cool dudes and dude-ets who you should check out

NEW IN (May 15th 2011): Bruce Campbell is a legend…

Jeff Buckley appreciation blog post

You have to love the olds

Love to recycle?

Batman, the original and best

Why were the women forgotten?

It’s naked time…

Cubicle graffiti

Tall girls

8 really stupid things I’ve done (Newsgrape London)

On Osama Bin laden’s demise (Newsgrape London)

Tom Simpson on being a freelance photograper (Newsgrape London)

More formal articles

Press release example

Press release example 2

I’m a staff writer for We Love Champagne, a London-based web-zine for champagne enthusiasts. Check it out here.

Cool dudes and dude-ets

Jen’s Henna is a great new website by Cambridge based Henna artist Jen Taylor. She does children’s parties, hen parties, large and small events and anything else where Henna is needed! Visit her at and see her large and varied gallery of pics!

Ableize is a great web-site which is “owned and run by people with disabilities”. It’s a fantastic resource with a big disability forum, and more than worth a look, no matter whether you are disabled or not. (And besides that the owners are really nice: good enough reason on its own, or?)

Director Mark Locke’s website. Check it out! Mark’s an awesome bloke and one hell of a director. Look out for his new feature “Townies” soon.

Treya the leprechaun writes about her experiences suffering from chronic fatigue. Read her blog and appreciate just what you have. She’s a writer too, so show your support and leave a comment.

My oldest mate Ben Foakes runs Sequence Post, one of the best post-production companies in Europe. Ben and his team have worked on everything from The Grand National to F1 to the new Bond films featuring Daniel Craig. Wooo!

Abi Palmer is a poet who loves food; the things she does with pieces of paper make her the female Heston Blumenthal of our times, and if you see her web-site you will see what I mean. Oh, but she’s definitely not bald, so don’t go getting that idea.

Tom Simpson is nothing like Heston Blumenthal, and I doubt he could string a poem together if his life depended on it (sorry Tom, I have no basis for that, for all I know you may be really good). Tom is a freelance photographer who is living the dream, and what he lacks in poem-making he makes up for in, well, taking excellent photos . The dream includes photgraphing the fast-men of the Tour De France, and looking flashy and moody on his Facebook profile — a hard look to pull off indeed.

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