Fake London Tube Stickers

Fake London Tube Stickers is my brand-new, complete, 100%, rip-off project. The moment I saw a certain BBC story about guerilla stickers on the London Underground network I was captivated and wanted to create some of my own — ideas, that is, just for fun. It’s not like I’d actually endorse people doing it for real*. I hadn’t seen them myself, but I loved what they stood for and the amount of creativity you could have with a relatively short, formal message. Besides that, I enjoy my freelance writing work, but I sometimes spend a lot of time sitting and waiting for emails to come in, and so it made sense to create a blog to record my ideas to pass the time. Click the link if you’re interested in taking a look. They keep me amused.

* as I said before, neither this blog or me, the author of FLTS, endorses or encourages the real-life creation of such guerrilla stickers, or the illegal placement of them. So if you’re a government official, you can stop sniffing about.


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