Bank Of Dave: The Final Conclusion Is Coming!

Dave Fishwick: the man single-handedly responsible for making Burnley look good again. Now we just need someone to do the same for Hull… Image Copyright Chris Pink artist/writer

After you’ve been blogging for a while, you tend to get a feel for posts which will do well. Despite this, nothing is certain — some posts unexpectedly gain mass attention for no discernible reason, while others barely get any views at all (ironically, the latter are usually the ones which were the most fun to write!).

Then there are the exceptions. Posts which receive lots of feedback, are fun to write, and get picked up on Twitter and Facebook. Posts which unite all of us, from all backgrounds. My post on Bank Of Dave episode 1 was one of these exceptions which comes along every once in a while and received many hundreds of views from across the world within just a couple of days of going up. This didn’t surprise me…if we can take what happened in episode 1 of Bank Of Dave as a measure of the man who is Dave Fishwick — something that is becoming increasingly difficult to do in an age where trust in someone is so often eroded soon after by some horrifying discovery coming to light — then we can assume a few things for certain: 1) Dave Fishwick isn’t another banker bastard out to con people, he really does care and wants to help the community in any way he can and 2) Fishwick is in it for the long haul, whatever that means and whatever the risks that kind of attitude involves (like losing all his money and reputation, that kind of thing). He’s in it for the passion and the fight for a better financial future, is Dave. So, considering all this, I think it’s reasonably safe to assume that this isn’t a man who’s going to vanish overnight…this is a man who’s going to do for the financial sectors’ executives what chronic hemorrhoids have done to generations of arse-holes.

Dave Fishwick, we bloody love you! I hope that if you see my illustration you won’t take me to court for making a mockery of your Northern smiling face.

And it’s not just me who thinks that Dave’s seriously onto something…one reader who goes by the name of Wilcock left the following comment (unedited by me), echoing my own views and much of those currently flying all over the world-wide-web:

Born and bred in Burnley, I have seen, over the years, the town fall to ruin with pound shops, budget chains and come and go businesses letting the area down. Dave is a breath of fresh air…his comments and opinions form 90% of the Burnley folks views. Why let fat cat bankers get fatter with their huge bonuses and corrupt ways…off our savings! They seem to forget that the money they have in their vaults is ours anyway! Perhaps we should do a mass cash withdrawl and leave them desperate to get the public vote and money back! David Fishwick for Prime Minister!!!

EXACTLY! You can just see it now…the look of sheer terror on the politicians’ faces as he enters the House of Commons. Dave Fishwick on The One Show, trying desperately hard not to swear, and Alex Jones knowing that he’s going to swear and theres’s nothing anyone can do, it’s just a matter of time.

Another reader by the name of Stephen James said:

Dave all the best m8, And I agree the powers that be dont want you to succeed! Because if you do then you will have got inside the closed shop of Banking secret club and they dont want you to! We need more like you and great idea go and visit your customers not just tick F*****G boxes on a Credit Application and refuse a loan because your credit history aint rosy, Wish you were nearer m8, Banks have shafted me over the years!! Go for it m8!!!

Thanks for the comments and the support, people.

The conclusion of Bank Of Dave airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm. I’ll be blogging like crazy about it soon after and I have a strong feeling it’s going to be a fitting end to a way-too-short series!

7 comments on “Bank Of Dave: The Final Conclusion Is Coming!

  1. ron says:

    What amazes me is the bare faced hypocrisy the banking institutions and government are showing regarding ” the risk factor” associated with bank of dave, when for years we have been robbed blind by the so called financial experts gambling with our money which we placed in their trust, little knowing that the whole banking system was geared up to rip us off at every opportunity they could without any hindrance from the so called banking legislator the FSA .
    The common definition of a bank robber is someone who would enter a bank and relieve it of it’s money unlawfully, this definition should be updated to read ” may also include Bankers who may have a tendency to rob you while you are an account holder or investor with said bank without you being aware that you have been robbed”
    Trust in Bank 0f Dave. I say


    • chrispink says:

      I agree completely, Ron — the banking situation in our country is a total shambles. As for the obstacles that the FSA put in Dave’s way time and time again, it’s a bloody wonder he ever got anything done at all.

      As I’m sure you probably garnered from my reviews, I’m very much hoping that Dave’s model becomes something many more people can appreciate. That’s if the government actually allow it to happen…right now, I’m not going to hold my breath!

      Thanks for the comment. Chris


  2. Mark davies says:

    Just watched your new programme absolutely brilliant , you are the man ! , just what this country needs is an army of daves to put the country back on its feet . All the best and can’t wait to switch my account personal and business to you or another dave! All the best


  3. al renyard says:

    And legend has it , that a man will step forward and give hope to the masses.
    he will walk on the crushed bones of the corrupt and sinful, demanding justice for all
    and he shall be called Dave


  4. […] with Bank of Dave it was all about bringing the world to rights by starting a bank which actually gave a shit about […]


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