7 reasons why The Undateables episode 2 (9pm, April 10th 2012, Channel 4) will be essential viewing


1) You can never be too educated or informed about important issues like disability and the disadvantages of living with a difficult condition that very few people truly understand. No, you might not have one of these conditions, and it’s a fact that many people rarely come across individuals who do in day-to-day life, but who knows, if you’re planning a family in the future — or even if you’re not — you may be affected at some point. It’s always a possibility. That’s bound to be a worrying thought, but information is the best weapon against anything, isn’t it? The more you know, the less you fear; the less you fear, the better the world goes around. That sounds good to me.

2) The less ignorance and misinformation in the world, the better. Fact. If anything, watch the show to dispel a few misconceptions you — or someone you know — might have towards the intelligence and intellect of disabled/disadvantaged people. Not accusing anyone, just saying…

3) Among others, tonight’s episode will feature Justin, a  man suffering from neurofibromatosis — a condition where tumors grow on the face and all over the body. According to The Undateables website home on Channel 4, he’s never been out with a girl before, so imagine how bloody brave he’s had to be to appear on national TV doing so? BIIIIIIIIG fat bollocks in my book. If you’ve ever found yourself on a date and struggling like hell, spare a thought for this man. But don’t pity him. I’ve just read a few comments he left on The Undateables Channel 4 home page and he’s entirely capable of a laugh and a joke — this (and others like him) is a man who needs your empathy, not pity and woes.

4) Variety really is the spice of life, people. I love films like The Bourne Identity, but, just the other day I watched 27 Dresses for the third time. Actually, I probably shouldn’t have admitted that…

5) It’s bound to be entertaining — without wishing to sound condescending, disabled people have a sense of humour too.

6) If you were thinking of excusing yourself with that reliable old line “But I haven’t seen the first one yet, I’ll watch that and come back to this later,” then think again: this episode is a stand-alone one, as they all are, so it doesn’t matter what order you watch them in.

7) It just will be good, I know it. I watched the first episode and I am basing this seventh point on that.

If you like, head over to my Episode 2 review here.

Did you enjoy this post? Well, if you did that pleases me! My disability-related novel, The Number 3 Mystery Book is available in paperback here and from Amazon UK. If you live in the US, you can get it from Amazon US here. Thanks for reading and goodbye.

One comment on “7 reasons why The Undateables episode 2 (9pm, April 10th 2012, Channel 4) will be essential viewing

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