Will you be watching The Undateables tomorrow night? (9pm, Channel 4, UK) Yes, of course you bloody will

You can’t cage a tiger. You can politely ask it to hold a sign though

Come on. Everyone loves to snigger about the horrors of dating; as long as it’s not them (alright, that’s partly a lie, I have a few friends who love nothing more than to humiliate themselves in this way on a regular basis — I have absolutely no idea why). As a form of emotional therapy, I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that 99% of us absolutely love hearing about the mess that happened when two people who are utterly unsuitable for one another were forced to sit in awkward silence for all too long, taking it in turns to pointlessly ask and answer questions, all in the name of wasting time (unless it’s a close friend of yours and they are crying their eyes out after their fifteenth awful date with a man who lied about his height and looks and weight, again, in which case I suggest waiting until they’ve left to explode with laughter).

Well, if you’re in the 1% of people bracket — and I applaud you, you are better than almost everyone you know — there’s nothing for you here. But…if you’re in the 99% bracket, then, my friend, you have struck TV gold, because tomorrow, a brand new series devoted to the extreme awkwardness of serial dating begins with full-force (as if you didn’t bloody know). Yes, those gypsy-loving, innovation-obsessed people at Channel4 are the ones behind this latest controversy, and if anyone on TV can make the most of such potential, it’s them.

And no, I’m not worried, and yes, I’m well aware that when word of this show got out a while back, lots of people flipped out and started shouting about how exploitative it was, and how even the name was horrific. But wake up: if you’re cringing and complaining, it’s only at yourself. These are people like you and me, albeit a little different and with added social complications, so why shouldn’t they get their own show? It’s about bloody time.

Far as I’m concerned, anything that spreads awareness about disability and disadvantaged people has to be a good thing, and providing they’re game enough to do it and are 100% aware of what they’re doing, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with anyone watching.


One comment on “Will you be watching The Undateables tomorrow night? (9pm, Channel 4, UK) Yes, of course you bloody will

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