September 11th, Twin Towers &Time To Reflect

There are already enough stories of what happened 10 years to this day that writing this, in many ways, I feel like I’m pointlessly re-treading old ground, digging up unwilling ghosts of the past which are already tired and fed-up and wanting to be left in peace. Ones which are already today the intense focus of the world’s media, struggling to break free of the hyperbole surrounding the (presumable) death of Osama Bin Laden and whatever conclusion that apparently comes to; stories of watching — yet not really seeing — the first plane hit, then being unable to properly comprehend what happened just moments after with another. What felt like seconds. Seconds the world changed forever, yet stayed the same in what can only be described as an appalling lack of learning. In minutes, death, terrorism and vengeance were the new words on the street, and instead of really considering what it must have been like for those who lost relatives and friends on that terrible New York day — something which would come after, with a spate of TV documentaries that came worryingly late and only after a great deal of angry propaganda — the media went on a rampage with religion in its sights. Find the enemy, snuff it out.

That was how I felt before I opened Facebook. Concerned, as I mentioned, that a celebration of the recent Osama Bin Laden death-documentary might potentially eclipse that of the events of 10 years ago, I was in no rush to look at Facebook. Yet when I did I found a brilliance of strength and mass of positive messages that swamped anything referring to the man they say who started it all. I’m sure that won’t be the complete picture, after all, my Facebook isn’t your Facebook and yours is like nobody else’s. Each and every one of us have a slightly different group of friends with a slightly different political persuasion. Thanks to this, there is no universal forum which contains an equal measure of opinion and insight; much less one we could all agree was a measure of that fact. Everything we all see is either one way or the other, which means that some will have woken up to a barrage of positive messages, and others will have found themselves confronted by conspiracy theories and less than tasteful attitudes to the event of this day.

Whatever you think, today isn’t the time to rant on about it: please keep it to yourself. Instead, think of those who died, and think of those who lost others — for which today is a tragic reminder of never-ending despair. Let’s be as ONE today, and let’s try and open our minds up to love, instead. Yeah, I sound like a hippy, but you know it makes sense.

There has already been enough blame and enough tragedy and enough finger-pointing. Save it for another day, if you must, and let us remember those who passed away with the honour they deserve.

You don’t have to pray or kneel or be religious in any way. All you need to do is close your eyes for a second and use your head.


2 comments on “September 11th, Twin Towers &Time To Reflect

  1. Lizzie Allars says:

    Well said my dear friend Mr Pink.x


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