Meet ‘Help’, yet another short story…


Yeah, if you’d hit that massive hard wall of glass in the background then you’d struggle to open your eyes for a bit too

I was a curious boy – curious about everything, obsessed with fossils, and birds of prey, and insects, and my grandmother’s magical fantasy garden…



3 comments on “Meet ‘Help’, yet another short story…

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    Chris Pink: Writer, Artist, BMX legend, Bird-whisperer : )
    You’re like Dickon in The Secret Garden!
    I’m amazed this bird trusted you so much to land on your shoulder and let you handle it. Normally they’re trembling and so scared I worry they’ll have a heart attack. This was a really lovely blog to come home to. I have no idea what the bird was though, never seen one like it. Birds and nature are cool though so I get the fascination. x


  2. TinaG says:

    Hi Chris. Yasmin pointed me to your mystery bird pic to see if I could identify it. Going to stick my neck out and say Hawfinch (could be a Chaffinch though – he looks slightly dazed so hard to tell!). What time of year was this pic taken? If it was this year then a baby Hawfinch has potential and the markings look about right.


    • chrispink says:

      Hi Tina,
      Well, this has made my day, I must say! Thanks for writing and yes…very dazed. He/she looked like a drunk little old man for about twenty minutes…
      The pic was taken around 3 weeks ago, and I think from what I have seen of Hawfinch’s in photos you may be right. The beak was very stubby, which looks to me like a clue, and also the white on its wings was very bright for such a young bird.
      As I say, thanks very much for the comment Tina. Hopefully there won’t be more mysteries like this to come!


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