Chris does this thing they call ‘organisation’

Ask anyone who knows me Is Chris an organised individual? and they will look at you in a very funny way. And rightly so. My organisational skills are on par with my ice-skating skills: utterly useless and dangerous to be around.

Recently, a couple of people have pointed out to me that the blog is getting big, and sometimes it’s not easy to find what you’re looking for. So, I investigated, pretending that I was visiting the blog for the first time.

What I found horrified me. Pages with massive stories on without links! More pages with more posts on without links!

So I’ve done something about it. Starting with the Stories that are short page. I’ve now — after doing my head in with HTML… — made it so you can click on the links at the top and go straight to the story of your choice.


More soon (I’ll be sorting out The Writing Process among other things, like making back to top links). Now I have to do some work and earn some money.


2 comments on “Chris does this thing they call ‘organisation’

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    : )



  2. chrispink says:

    Indeed friend! x


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