Today is the day that Chris coins a phrase — and that phrase is ‘Writer’s Opening’

There’s a lot of talk about the so-called debilitating Writer’s Block — the condition which can floor a writer, disabling them from producing anything worthwhile. But what frustrates me, now I really think about it, is that nobody ever talks about what I have decided to call Writer’s Opening; if you ask me it’s just as much of a curse as the former! In fact, sometimes, when you get it really bad, it can be even worse…

Writer’s Opening — and I’ve named it this for the simple reason that an opening is the direct opposite of a block — has plagued me off and on for some time now. It’s symptoms are terrifying and are typically as follows:

1) The inability to stop writing.

The inability to stop thinking about writing. Everything you think about points to writing! You just can’t keep yourself away from a pen and paper or computer, and whenever you’re mid-way through an important conversation with someone, that is when it strikes you down.

2) Words forming themselves into sentences in your head without you giving them permission. In extreme cases, these words form what seem to be at the time almost revelatory pieces of writing. Pieces of real significance. There’s no way you can leave them to fade away inside your head, not those thoughts. They simply must be recorded, even if…

3) …they occur in the dead of night, pulling you out of a wonderful sleep.

End of symptoms.

Much as I joke, occasionally I really have been dogged by this. There have been times when I’ve woken up again and again and again, forced to record my thoughts down either on my mobile phone notes or on any paper I can find. It gets beyond a joke. Sleep? Forget it. You may as well just stay awake and write. Hope it leaves you alone eventually.

Or maybe it’s just me?


One comment on “Today is the day that Chris coins a phrase — and that phrase is ‘Writer’s Opening’

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    Every room in my flat has a hand-painted jar of pens and pencils in it and paper galore. Some rooms have two or three. Except the bathroom. And even there, there is eyeliner, lipstick and mirror to write on : ) I’ve woken from dreams and blearily mumbled into a dictaphone, now there’s a fun to be had, playing back slurred ideas or reading back written down ideas before you sank back to sleep! I don’t know Chris, I’d much rather be fired up like this than not. I like the way it makes me feel when it happens.
    But it’s about balance isn’t it? Too much one could argue is an enviable pain in the arse to experience?
    Maybe you’re just extra blessed with great ideas and you have an awesome muse whispering in your ear? Don’t fight it, embrace it and then maybe she won’t ride you so hard?


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