Today’s word is… ‘unpreparation’

Gandi, immortalised forever and all time on…a free-range egg. Does it have anything to do with this post? Of course not.

Like almost all other things in this world, you can find out literally everything you need to know about ‘indie publishing’ online. You can find out what to do, what not to do, and it doesn’t cost a thing (apart from hours and hours of time and patience which could be spent doing something infinitely more fun, of course, like creating free-range-egg-art…)


…what you really can’t find out anywhere online is what it’s actually like for you to be the indie author. You’re unique after all, even if you’re a twin, and I think you can guarantee with near certainty that the factors that make up your life have never been in play quite like this before.

This means that when it comes right down to it, you’re pretty much alone in the Universe.

Cool? Yes. Scary? Well…what do you think?

This post was going to be a comprehensive break-down of what’s been going on — book-wise — in my life since The Number 3 Mystery Book went live on, and, around 3 weeks ago. At least, that was my initial intention. Mainly because my prediction was that nothing much would have happened with it yet.

Well, while my novel isn’t exactly making huge waves in the digital world yet, things are most certainly happening. Nothing out-of-this-world incredible that’s going to make the papers, but a series of events and occurences which have taken me completely by surprise. The only problem is that I can’t talk about most of it here right now. I mean, I could, nobody is stopping me, but now doesn’t feel like quite the right time.

One thing I can say, though, is that people are amazing. OK, so they’re capable of terrible things, and some of them have an inexcusable taste in music, and some of them don’t know what a comma is for, but if there’s one thing the past 3 weeks have taught me it’s that you should never underestimate human kindness. It’s out there, I guarantee it, and as soon as I can I’ll be explaining this in much more detail.

For now, Goodbye! I’ll be back with a new short story in the next few days hopefully. Thanks for reading.



2 comments on “Today’s word is… ‘unpreparation’

  1. herocious says:

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts. You have me hooked.

    From my end, I’ve also been surprised by human kindness, but I also felt the other end of the spectrum when I got my first negative review. Nothing like it.

    All in all, the experience has had a positive effect on me. It’s gotten me to reflect on the nature of the published novel. I’m in the process of writing something about it.

    Definitely eager to hear about your instances of compassion. I love compassion.


    • chrispink says:

      Yep, human kindness is most definitely out there. Mind you, we all have our days when we think it’s vanishing before our eyes.

      Reviews can be hard, I agree. I suppose I am fortunate in that I’ve already had to deal with editors and clients quite a lot in regard to copywriting. You get plenty of rejection and negativity every day in that business, so I’m hoping that will help when the inevitable negative reviews come in.

      Take it easy Herocious, point me in the direction of that piece when you’ve written it, would like to check it out. C


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