Get Typewriter Respect

I’ve had a headache for 24 hours straight now and frankly it’s a bummer. The last time this happened — I have M.E., and this is one of the most frustrating symptoms of it — was around 7 weeks ago. Because of the lack of concentration it’s taken me literally a day to write this relatively short post…more annoyingly, I’ve also managed to do hardly any freelance work or any promotion for The Number 3 Mystery Book. That’s my next mission, but tonight I wanted to at least try and produce something.


It’s shameful that children are growing up not knowing how so many fantastic novels were written. This isn’t really about that — if it was I’d be in serious danger of ranting so much that my skin might actually flake itself off in an effort to get away from me as fast as possible — and it’s not that much to do with the writing process either, but it’s something that might be of interest.


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