Chad Degroot talks getting stuff done


Chad Degroot talks getting stuff done…

NOTE: The following intro might make it sound like this is only interesting if you have some connection with BMX, but I can assure you that’s not the case. Everyone can learn something by reading this, so be sure to check it out:

The name “Chad Degroot” may not be one which you’re familiar with, but in BMX circles it’s a name that’s been synonymous with progression and determination to get cool things done for over twenty years. Known by many as one of the most unique technical BMX riders around (as well as one of the most versatile), Chad doesn’t – and never has – limited himself to just progressing on a BMX bike. And although Chad might cringe at what I’m about to say next, it’s the truth, ask anyone: without him and the tight group he rode with during the 1990s — when BMX went through probably its biggest technical-tricks revolution — BMX would never have evolved to become what it is today. Back then, I was just starting out myself, and Chad’s flatland skills alone blew my mind. After that he went on to ride ramps as well as anyone, and use his numerous tech-skills to full advantage on street, ramps and in even more videos…


Adventures of a horny ghost! Part 2

A juvenile monkey, moments after waking up from a terrifying encounter with a (potentially) horny ghost!

Continued from before…not to insult your intelligence, dear reader, but I wouldn’t want someone to start here and miss out on Part 1.

Okay, now I feel quite anxious. And used, don’t forget used…

Today, for the second day running, I awoke to find myself on the alien side of the bed. Tucked in neatly, in the same way as I was in Adventures of a horny ghost..


25 things that WILL get you to the end of a first draft

1. Stop looking at what you’ve written: what you have written won’t be good enough. Accept it and move on.

2. Make notes as you go. Don’t say to yourself: “I’ll remember that, I don’t need to make a note.” EVERYONE needs to make a note. It is these crucial pieces of information – information that may only exist for a short time, while you’re in this head-space – that will form the basis of your second draft.

3. Don’t stop writing at the end of a chapter. It’s a bad idea. Do stop writing mid-way through a chapter, even if you’re burning to continue. The next morning you’ll breeze it.

4. Chocolate.

5. — 25. CLICK HERE

Adventures of a horny ghost!

Adventures of a horny ghost!

Today, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I don’t mean I woke up in a mood after one of my classic tormenting nightmares where even inanimate objects have learned to be sarcastic – and in mine they know how to really take the piss, I can tell you – I mean quite literally woke up on the wrong side of the bed. And I’ll tell you something: it really freaked me out.

Now, this may sound like nothing much to worry about, but believe me when I say it is HMM, I’D BE LYING IF I SAID THAT TITLE DIDN’T INTRIGUE ME, COME ON THEN, WHAT’S THIS ALL ABOUT?

Stories from an inept journalist. Chapter 1: Darren the “Tree Man.”

A mare having a ‘mare. The mind boggles as to how this happened…but I know one thing: the more I look at this photo, the more wrong it seems somehow. I think it’s the legs, yep, that’s it. Somehow, with this horse in this strangey human position, it just doesn’t look right naked. Know what I mean?

This is another old story I thought I’d lost. I just came across it — yeah! — and it brought back a lot of good memories of just starting out learning how to construct a story. I remember it was much fun to write. Don’t expect perfect grammar, and be aware that I wrote this years ago, so it’s not going to be the most amazing thing you have ever read. But do expect a bit of entertainment.

OK, I do on the odd occasion actually get off my computer and leave the house — honest! I’ll be doing that now as I’ve been up since about 4:30am coding The Number 3 Mystery Book, again…Goodbye.


Ah…it’s a baby!

Yes people, thanks to Yasmin-the-baby-lover — a friend of mine and also a fellow writer — there’s a brand-new short story up over at “stories that are short.” I’ll be honest, I can’t complain! I don’t usually make a habit of re-posting comments as posts but this one’s definitely worth your time, so have A LOOK AT THE BABY LOVIN’ PIECE HERE

Think being a writer is easy? Or maybe you’re just curious. Either way you really need to read this

I really didn’t have time to do anything fun today and am looking at a full week, so while I had the urge to write something fun I grabbed it. If you have any friends who want to know what the reality of being a writer can be like, you can send them a link to the following:

Every so often, like most people in the same boat, I come across someone who’s curious about what it’s like to be a writer. Occasionally it’s someone who wants to be a writer and who wants to find out more, or sometimes it’s someone who thinks that being a writer is easy somehow: that can be really frustrating… WHY NOT, I’VE GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO, SHOW ME THE STORY