Tense spider-versus-man encounter!

There was no caption for this photo I found on Google images, but if I were to write it it would probably say something like “shocked woman who has just seen a spider and, on closer inspection, noticed it had a siezeable penis too.” A confusing situation indeed. I have literally no idea if spiders have penises or not, and unless you are freakish in the mind I suggest you do not ponder it!



2 comments on “Tense spider-versus-man encounter!

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    No way! : ) I, too, had a *huge* spider encounter yesterday, it wasn’t a huge spid, but it really affected my day. I have the PC in the study (hellooo from PC!) and work on Gunshot Glitter in the lounge on a wee laptop. While I was in here (study) in the morning, I swear in the space of like an hour, a daft but ambitious spider spun a web across my chandelier and my study chair and bookcase! It was sat there in the middle looking really manly when I clocked it. (Definitely a man, because 1. It was pretty small 2. A woman spider would have the sense to hide up a strand I reckon and do the dramatic rush down to pounce on its victim and employ the element of surprise. )

    I was impressed but really sad, because I knew I’d have to break it. It was so big it blocked half of the throughway to the balcony! But I got so attached to the wee thing and the idea of having a spider pet I didn’t do it until almost 7pm! Then I was worried I’d forget it was there and then walk into it and freak out and scream the street down. So, I took it outside. It clearly liked my lounge because it held onto me for dear life before I persuaded it my balcony was a better spot and a far cooler place to be all spidery. Honest truth? I missed it! Methinks it’s time to get another foster cat.


  2. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    p.s. I’m glad you didn’t kill yours. I would have been a bit gutted if you had. But spider fear, I do get it. It’s the crazy way they move, but I’m not scared of them. Oddly neither is my older brother, but my sister and younger brother cannot hack them at all and when we were younger, refused to go into rooms if they saw one until we’d gone in and retrieved them!


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