Jamie Oliver: Man On A Mission

At 10:22pm last night – May 31st, 2011 – Jamie Oliver broke down on national TV and finally admitted he was part man, part vegetable, sent from the planet FOODALICIOUS to take over planet Earth and convert everyone on it into good-food-loving maniacs physically incapable of cooking any meal in longer than thirty minutes. I know, it was a bomb-shell for me to! But calm down, that wasn’t actually what happened; that was just what I thought he was going to say. In fact, he didn’t – it was worse. He didn’t say anything much. For a change, and not in a nice way – and probably for the first time since being born into the world – Jamie Oliver was completely and utterly speechless.

Yes, you may wish to read that last sentence again. Then you may wish to double check you haven’t altered another reality and come back and read this (for what it’s worth I can assure you you haven’t entered another reality, but can you trust me? For all I know I may have entered another one before I wrote this!).

Back to Jamie and his rage and upset-ness.

Let me tell you, I felt his rage. Jamie, you see, had just been shut down again on his quest to bring better food to the school-children of LA. And when Is say again, I actually mean again-again-again-again. I’d be the first to admit that I didn’t used to be the greatest Jamie Oliver fan, but all that’s been changing recently. After seeing how much passion and dedication Jamie has put into this latest series – not to mention the numerous obstacles he’s encountered while trying to do something essentially simple: give American school children proper good food – my mind is made up. Absolutely. Jamie is a good man and we should be proud of what he’s doing.


2 comments on “Jamie Oliver: Man On A Mission

  1. Robin says:

    Having met Jamie on several occasions I can only say he is a genuine and passionate guy, he has and does selfishly attempt to create a healthier life for the kids in the UK and even managed to talk the Prime Minister into giving his healthy eating project the government backing that it so deserves.

    Sadly we live in a society where children would rather sit in front of their computer talking to their friends through Facebook than getting out into the world and doing all the stuff that children should be doing, running around, climbing trees, playing and generally having fun, all of which involve very much needed exercise that many of the kids certainly are not getting on top of that we now live in a busy society where the parents don’t have time to cook healthy, nutritious meals for themselves let alone their children.

    So good on you Jamie, is a long hard battle on an uphill road that you’ve taken on and I hope one day people get to thank you for the rewards when the kids grow up to be healthy adults, live long and happy lives, not dying young of heart failure and God knows what else.


    • chrispink says:

      Ah, since I am here I will reply to this too, since you were good enough to write this great comment.
      I agree completely. I wrote the post because I was sick of a few people I knew giving him a hard time. He’s clearly achieved one hell of a lot.
      Indeed, ditto re society today. It’s incredible who things have changed so much since the invention of Facebook. It’s opened up a lot of virtual opportunity, but also closed doors to. Who knows if it’s possible to come back from that, but I do hope so.
      Hopefully the Americans will stop giving Jamie a hard time over there and accept his help. Sad that it is that way.


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