Think being a writer is easy? Or maybe you’re just curious. Either way you really need to read this

I really didn’t have time to do anything fun today and am looking at a full week, so while I had the urge to write something fun I grabbed it. If you have any friends who want to know what the reality of being a writer can be like, you can send them a link to the following:

Every so often, like most people in the same boat, I come across someone who’s curious about what it’s like to be a writer. Occasionally it’s someone who wants to be a writer and who wants to find out more, or sometimes it’s someone who thinks that being a writer is easy somehow: that can be really frustrating… WHY NOT, I’VE GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO, SHOW ME THE STORY


5 comments on “Think being a writer is easy? Or maybe you’re just curious. Either way you really need to read this

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    Lol, I’m turned on and I’m terrified! That’s a winning combination. Especially at 9am in the morning. What have I let myself in for as a fellow scribe?! Did you ask about holiday pay and the pension plan?


    • chrispink says:

      Morning Yasmin! Well…good, I think 🙂 I just had that idea suddenly and had to get it down. Hmmm…I’ve seen your writing and it’s a fair bit more “exotic” than mine in the turn-on department!
      No, I didn’t ask about the pay and pension plan. Mainly because I know there isn’t one. Superb.

      Just quickly, that was a great massive huge comment you lfet above, is it okay if I post it up for people to see? I guessed it would be but wanted to ask first.
      Hope you’re good. I am crazy busy with this stupid coding malarkey but can make time to put this up. Hope you’re not feeling too bad today x


  2. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    Lol, that’s what happens when you’re the only 10 year old whose parents deny her permission to attend the Sex Ed lesson! Let that be a lesson to parents everywhere!!

    Thank you for asking first, are you referring to my Babies epic comment? I was a bit taken a back when I hit ‘post comment’ and saw how long it was! I think I got a bit carried away! Writing it made me laugh. But I enjoyed your post very much. Go for it Chris, I know you’re busy and I know what you’re doing is tedious. So I hope it made you smile. I’m going to being doing edits myself later. What fun! It’s always important to start the day feeling chipper I think. Hope it’s going well.. x


    • chrispink says:

      Oh dear…that’s not the best by a long stretch! Sorry to hear about the Sex Ed lessons, it’s got to be part of growing up me thinks.

      Yes, what I am doing is very, very tedious and monotonous…the worst thing is that you can’t just do a simple find and replace either, as every paragraph is different. So lots of mistakes yesterday…and lots of correcting today. I am getting there but need to get me head down.

      And yes, I was referring to your baby comment . Was really good and I wanted to share it. It’s already up actually, and I’m sure people will love it 🙂

      Have a good day Yasmin, be good, x


      • Yasmin Selena Butt says:

        I saw, you cheeky sod, but I’ll let you off this once! Glad you enjoyed it : ) And it’s sweet you liked it so much you wanted to share it.

        Stick with it, resist the temptation to rush, it’s more important to get it right..put on that Spotify playlist from Fade Into You by Mazzy Star it’s quite relaxing for a while : )Until you hit Genius of Love and then you’ll want to dance! That might be a good thing as you’re meant to get up and stretch once in a while. Good luck. x


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