And…they just keep coming…

You wouldn’t believe how many short stories I have on my computer…

Or maybe you would. After all, I seem to be a bit of a short-story-machine recently.

This one is about an incident on board an aircraft which was in no way funny at the time, but many of my friends have had a good laugh at since. A good laugh at me, that is.

WARNING: this story has swearing in it. Not loads, but some. If you don’t appreciate swearing much then I suggest you…er, do not read it? Please don’t email me or leave comments explaining your displeasure at the swearing in this article. They will be deleted after I have had a good laugh at them, and sent them to numerous friends who will send them to yet more friends. On the other hand, if you want to tell me how rubbish you think it is, go ahead. I wrote it a long time ago and it’s been barely edited, deliberately, so that it remains a record of how I used to write NO MORE WAITING ABOUT, TAKE ME TO IT!


2 comments on “And…they just keep coming…

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    Must confess, I can’t stop telling friends about this particular entry, I read this aghast but couldn’t stop laughing! It reads like a mid-air, epic Greek tragedy of the trouser region. You are a brave/insane man for divulging it in such excruciating, fantastic detail! x


    • chrispink says:

      Dear Yasmin,
      I know…I should be off the computer, but I had some other comments to respond to. I’m glad that my embarrassment can be of entertainment to you and others 🙂 Maybe I am crazy to write like this here, but who knows, I may have just invented a new genre. That’s never a bad thing.
      Best of sleeps,
      C x


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