New short story up now

UPDATE: sorry people, the link was wrong but it works fine now I think.

Actually that’s a bit of a lie…it’s not actually new, it’s 5 or 6 years old. But still, it’s new to you, so what do you care?

So, I thought, I know what I’ll do…with just 3 weeks to go until my very first novel goes out into the world, I’ll do a really clever thing and put out an old short story which demonstrates perfectly how to make loads of mistakes!

Or maybe I’m wrong…maybe it’s not a total waste of kilobites or whatever they’re called. We’ll see.

It’s called Pet Ode and you can’t READ IT HERE…

2 comments on “New short story up now

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    Oi, you great tease, the link doesn’t work! Please re-check and try again : ) I’m off to count sheep, but look forward to reading it.. x


    • chrispink says:

      Shit, you’re too quick! I literally realized it almost straight away and still wasn’t quick enough. Ah, but it works now, hope all’s been good on your first day!


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