Another new-old short story, why not?

If you ever need reminding of what every colour that exists looks like, look no further than a German supermarket

Since the short stories section of the site seems to be becoming more popular, I decided to get up a bit earlier than usual and do a light-edit on an old story I wrote while living in Cologne. Be aware that I love Germany, and I have met a great number of wonderful people there. The situation desribed here is ugly, but not in any way typical.

The Sweet Woman

Most people have been a victim of crime: mugging, robbery, pick-pocketing, identity theft, fraud, abuse, bullying or harassment, enough so that nowadays it is stranger if you haven’t, rather than if you have. This was crossing my mind in the supermarket last week, penguin-stepping towards the…LET ME READ THE REST


2 comments on “Another new-old short story, why not?

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    Oh no, what a horrible man! I bet he had really, really tiny, thin dick and halitosis! Trolley lady sounded cool though. I *strongly* dislike bad manners, kindness costs nothing. I like chivalry.

    Bemused me to read this as I’ve just done the veggie shop and actually waved someone through ahead of me while I was sorting myself out. Nice to know what you were listening to Chris, I had a huge Kinks phase in my twenties : )


    • chrispink says:

      A horrible man indeed! I can’t speak about his physical attributes but it would seem I don’t need to after this powerful comment! I agree, long live chivalry.
      Kinks all the way, what a band…


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