The Number 3 Mystery Book: Update

Today is a double land-mark occasion: not only have I just pretty much finished the final edit of The Number 3 Mystery Book, but I’ve also just seen a fox down my road for the first time ever (and yes, it was a fox not a cat: unless some very disturbed person decided to attach a fake fox’s tale to their cat, which I doubt any of my neighbours are disturbed enough / imaginative enough to do. But no, while I think about it, it could only have been a fox. It was running in that distinctly foxy delicate way they do, and I very much doubt you can train a cat to do that).

It’s also a fine day for my canine bitch Jojo; while on a routine walk, she was fortunate enough to come across a dead baby Starling that had flown straight into our patio windows. She promptly snatched it up in her jaws, and I’m told that it made a squeak then, a bit like a children’s toy…

But getting back on point and staying away from the morbid stuff, today is quite a unique one for me. And it’s about time too. For the last month, at least, I have been working 90 hours a week to get this book as good as it can be…

In the coming days / weeks I’ll be posting up an article about the evolution of the cover art for this book. I’m thinking it might be interesting for people who are under the impression that a cover just “happens”. I can assure you that in this case it didn’t, but more on that soon…


2 comments on “The Number 3 Mystery Book: Update

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    Trying not to dwell on the image of a squeaking baby starling long enough to say **congrats** on the final edit of your book!

    I am almost loathed to ask this, as I know what a relief it is to say something’s finished, but does this mean you’re happy enough not to see the edits I’ve spotted & noted or would you like me to email them to you? Let me know.


    • chrispink says:

      Hey Yasmin, I am here…just bleary eyed. And by the way, I haven’t forgotten about the kind Spotify playlist. Will be sorting that soon. I am due a listen me thinks.

      Thanks for that, I am happy to have got there in the end…

      I’d be more than happy to see the edits you’ve spotted. I’d be a little surprised if I hadn’t already caught them already — I literally did a line by line edit of every line, including spotting major timeline problems towards the end — but of course I could have missed stuff, probably have.

      Cheers Yasmin that is most kind.

      Sorry about the baby Starling…

      Been up since 5am working and have a long day still ahead of me so better go. In touch soon hopefully,


      Ps I hope you’re feeling better than you were x


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