Chris’s top (completely unforgivable) DVD box-set mistakes…

I like to think I have good taste in films. Obviously it’s all opinion, and we all like different things — and we all like to think we have good taste in films, of course — but I’m sure you know what I’m getting at.

How, then, is it possible that I keep on making DVD-related mistakes? And I’m not talking about minor ones, either. I’m talking about major ones which I should have seen coming. Mistakes which are pretty unforgivable for a writer who loves films as much as I do…

“Stop blaming the sharks, they’re kind creatures which should be treated with respect!” I happen to agree with this sentiment. But then I like to be open-minded, so answer me this: why is it sharks always bite people on the bum?

1) Buying a Jaws box-set which contained Jaws 2, Jaws 3 and Jaws 4...but no Jaws, as in the original film. The tragedy of this is that I knew it contained no original Jaws film when I bought it. My explanation? Wait for it, it’s a good one! In my excitement of coming across the box-set for a bargain price, memories of Jaws 2 surfaced in my mind, back from when I was a child and it was the scariest film I had ever seen. “Jaws 2 was amazing!” I said to myself, “I have to buy this box-set!”

Suffice to say I bought it — £2.99 I think — and Jaws 2 wasn’t nearly as good as I had believed it to be.

As a result of this epic mistake, every single week of my life one of my friends brings this up in conversation and uses it like a weapon. I wish I could say I blamed them but…

Great, thought-provoking cover-art. It’s just a shame that the artist in charge of it took mind-altering drugs just before watching the film. As anyone who has seen it knows, this can be the only explanation.

2) Buying The Descent with The Descent: Part 2 box set.

This one is, I feel, verging on being forgivable. But then I would be biased, wouldn’t I? So you probably shouldn’t trust me.

It started off very innocently: I was at my local HMV wandering around looking at the horror films section. I was seeing nothing much that was really inspiring, and getting bored of looking. This is bound to happen when you repeat the same worrying horror-film-section-watching behaviour time and time again. Then, just when I thought I couldn’t take looking with my head at a funny angle anymore — my neck had got used to it and adapted since the age of 14, but still, the human body was never designed to cope with this — I saw the box-set. There it was, The Descent and The Descent: Part 2…for the crazy-good price of £6.99!

I say crazy-good because I really loved The Descent. For this reason, and because I tend to get fixated on my favourite films and watch them repeatedly — as well as the fact that nothing beats holding a DVD box-set in your hands — I decided I would be a moron not to buy the box-set. If The Descent: Part 2 is even half as good as the original, I thought, then I am in for some serious viewing pleasure!

You probably know what’s coming…I soon found out that The Descent: Part 2, is not even a quarter as good as the original. My friends did too, and since then it’s been Let’s All Have A Go At Chris’s Taste In Films Day for every Friday night since…


2 comments on “Chris’s top (completely unforgivable) DVD box-set mistakes…

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    Oh no, I am gutted if it’s true the sequel to The Descent sucks! : (
    I loved the first one, raved about it to friends. The premise of the 2nd didn’t sound too original and the fact that the lass at the end of the first one went back in bothered me, as it disturbed my interpretation of the ending of the first movie.

    But out of curiousity, I still want to see it! I need to make my own mind up about stuff even at my own peril. Is this wilful stubbornness going to scupper my happiness quota in this instance?

    Is it a disappointing a sequel as The Exorcist: The Heretic was to The Exorcist? As that’s a language I can understand..


    • chrispink says:

      Just very quickly…sorry, I don’t know about the bizarre Exorcist sequel but YES…it’s absolutely horrible. Please be warned and leave Part 2 well alone!


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