New “stories that are short” page now up

The following isn’t the kind of story that is “based on true events”, oh no. The following is the kind of story that is “a complete and accurate portrayal of real events which were very, very foolish on Chris’s part”. If you want to read about how a week hanging out with a friend can descend into madness which involves stags (the lethal ones with antlers, I mean) and loads of adventure, then read on. The story is about 9 pages long,  so here is just a taster, and at the bottom you can click to read more.

(Side-note: without getting too big a head about it, my article 8 really stupid things I’ve done is still both top-rated and most commented over at Newsgrape: 339 views in its first week of going up (with 64 just today!), which makes it the number 1 most popular on the site, I think. If you’re having a bad day and need a laugh at someone else’s expense then this might just help you out.)

Stag Party

When I arrived at Pinewood Studios, the place where numerous James Bond films were shot and where the mystery of English film history had, over the years, been perfected and reduced to a stunningly efficient formula, it was different to how I expected. Located out in the middle of nowhere, the entrance was – and is – nothing spectacular. No huge photos of famous movie-stars anywhere in sight and no limousines parked up outside waiting to take actors away. From the outside, more than anything it reminded me of a lorry park. In fact, the only give-away that beyond those wide-open gates lied anything of real significance was the small sign out the front and the compact white building to the right of the entrance with a security guard looking out. Soon as Ben and I drove on through, the guard came out to make Ben’s acquaintance, newspaper in hand. From the way he greeted us with a relieved-looking smile – along with the things Ben had told me about the way the place works, the strangely “ghost town” feel it could inspire – it was clear to me that Pinewood Studios was less one thriving giant film-set, and more a place which saw sporadic bouts of intense film-making action…CONTINUED HERE


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