Young, Dumb and brash as they come: “The Apprentice” returns…

Poor, poor project manager Edward-what’s-his-face (this isn’t a conclusive review of the show. For actual names and dependable information minus lashings of perfectly justified sarcasm, there are approximately 1 million other articles now going up). Sitting there in the board-room all ganged-up on by his gigantic fellow contestants, trying desperately to hang onto the miniscule amount of credibility that he miraculously still possessed, to begin with, at least, he reminded me a lot of a sorry-looking pigeon I once wanted to rescue by the side of the road in Bournemouth when I was 13. Like Edward, that pigeon was very sad-looking and stuck in a hopeless situation where he was pretty much done for. He was sitting close to the curb on the main road, but every few seconds he’d look over his shoulder — a sitting pigeon has shoulders, everyone knows that — and look back at me with an expression that said “I need to get over to the other side of the road for a reason I don’t fully understand, but clearly I’ve broken both my legs and have a dodgy wing and am screwed so I can’t. Bollocks. Think you can help me out? Nobody else is going to. Once you break both your legs and get a dodgy wing then you get pretty much abandoned in the world of birds. If you do then I promise I’ll have a tweet-tweet with all the other pigeons and ask them to stop shitting on you and your kind.”

He was the most expressive pigeon I have ever known.

I thought: I can help, course I can! but my Mum and Dad had other ideas, what with controlling every aspect of my life, and all. “You can’t pick up the pigeon,” they kept telling me, “you might catch a deadly disease”. And with that, the pigeon buried his head in his wing and gave up, there by the curb. Looking well pissed-off.

I still have nightmares about that day, and I never did find out what became of my pigeony friend.

And now back to Edward. I’m fed-up with wondering if that pigeon got flattened or not.

At least, to begin with I wanted to rescue Edward from the board-room. But then, very quickly, I wanted to drag his short arse out of the board-room and beat him to death with an enormous calculator in the shape of a caveman’s club.

I feel bad saying that, seeing as Edward is a real person with a Mum and Dad and (maybe, it’s just about possible) a girlfriend or boyfriend he loves dearly, not just an image on a screen. But then again, when you’ve trained at one of the biggest accountancy firms in the country and you STILL don’t know what an Orange looks like…

6 things that I’ve concluded from this first episode:

1) Nick Hewer’s going to need a face-transplant by the end of the series, or possibly mid-way, but that should come as no revelation to you. Hopefully that happens before he frowns so hard that he opens up a fourth dimension where everyone looks like his best friend Alan Sugar.

2) Alan Sugar really does look like a gremlin.

3) All oranges should come with name badges.

4) This series is going to be great entertainment for us The General Public, and a horrible heart-attack in the making for Alan Sugar.

5) If you are terrible at Maths, whatever you do don’t let it stop you from becoming an accountant in charge of large amounts of money.

6) There is no shame in being an accountant. Absolutely none. And if you’re an accountant and people mock you, it’s just because they are jealous. Take no notice of the fact that they’re always the first to get shot in gangster films, or the hatred bestowed upon each and every one of them by most of the Western world. Alan Sugar says so, and he invented the Amstrad E-m@iler Telephone, so there, stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

8 comments on “Young, Dumb and brash as they come: “The Apprentice” returns…

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    I must be the only person in Blighty whose never watched The Apprentice, my friends are aghast I don’t. They’re addicted. But after this post I just might. I can only remember the times of about 2 TV shows at a time!

    The dude is everywhere now. Did he really say he had hassles because he was the shortest?! Was he shorter than Al Pacino (5ft 6) who kicked ass in Scarface? Did he have to stand on a chair to be seen?

    Your pigeon memory touched me. Three years ago in Stokey I found one by the roadside just like yours and I couldn’t walk away even though passers by told me it was done for. I was utterly agonised! I ended up ringing up my brother and he got a box, we took it back to his and called the RSPCA. He was on Animal Hospital once, he helped rescue a squirrel in Kings Cross. I’m sure your pigeon knew you meant well : )


    • chrispink says:

      Apart from my Nan Yasmin — and by that I mean my Nan, not my Nan who is also called Yasmin (I think I just discovered what a comma is for!) — yes, you may well be one of the few people out there who haven’t watched The Apprentice. Although I am willing to bet that tramps also have bigger concerns on their minds, but who knows, I may be wrong about modern day tramps.

      I suggest you watch it. My poor memory proves that poor-memoried people can remember the times of at least 3 TV shows, so that should give you hope.

      Yes, he’s everywhere…and yes, I have a feeling he regrets applying for the show. Or he will if anyone ever points him in the direction of my article!

      No, I think he was equal stature to Al Pacino. He didn’t have to stand on a chair to be seen, but he did need chair-height platform shoes. Not sure if that counts.

      Ah, the pigeon memory. Sad indeed. It’s tragic the way we walk past animals and just accept they are dead before they are anywhere near dead. Good for you for the rescue, although I have to say that I was shocked to read that your pigeon went onto rescue a squirrel in Kings Cross, mainly because I thought ground-based pigeons were banned from Kings Cross. Or maybe I got that wrong…just recently woke up.

      And you’re right. I did some research and pigeons have great memory’s. So that helps me sleep. Thanks!


      • Yasmin Selena Butt says:

        “Good for you for the rescue, although I have to say that I was shocked to read that your pigeon went onto rescue a squirrel in Kings Cross, mainly because I thought ground-based pigeons were banned from Kings Cross. Or maybe I got that wrong…just recently woke up.”

        Oh you cheeky, cheeky sod lol. What can I say, he was a VERY gifted bird! x


  2. Yasmin Selena Butt says:

    p.s. That mad phone! Good find ; ) Really, really old or suspicious of the world people who don’t believe in computers but believe in phones would have loved it surely? He should have marketed it at them and folk who have never updated their homes after 1955. He missed a trick. But then they’d probably be suspicious of email and be angry at the 12p charge. Ah well.


    • chrispink says:

      Yep, I reckon it was the 12p per email charge which sunk it. Poor Alan, I hope he isn’t too upset. Maybe you should go on The Apprentice? Alan is crying out for people with your business acumen, and I mean that literally and with no sarcasm at all!


      • Yasmin Selena Butt says:

        Bless you, but probably not a good idea with my track record with authority figures in all their lovely guises! : )


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